06 November 2018

Mat’Inno: Smart Buildings

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Tuesday 06 November 2018,
at 07h15

Quartier de l'innovation
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Changing managerial practices for the environment’s future

Buildings must undergo an energy transition so we can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, and therefore counter the effects of climate change as much as possible. Commercial and institutional buildings use a significant amount of energy each year. In 2015, they accounted for 11% of all the energy used in Quebec, and 30% of natural gas. Energy transition cannot become reality without the involvement of building managers. If 15% of Quebec’s commercial and institutional buildings reduced their energy use by 10%, they would save approximately 2.45 GJ in energy and 60,000 tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent of 12,000 fewer cars on the road.

There are technological innovations in the field of smart buildings. Yet managerial innovation is still lacking for the large-scale implementation of these innovations, i.e. to build differently, establish new building-management practices, and set out more sustainable and efficient uses. Admittedly, management and financing are considerable challenges. But in practice, how can we achieve smart real estate and buildings with the lowest possible greenhouse-gas emissions?

Among possible solutions, this Mat’inno will showcase initiatives made possible through the collaboration of the academic, private and public sectors, such as the “Comment implanter la gestion de l’énergie dans les immeubles” guide produced by Transition énergétique Québec, ESG UQAM’s Ivanhoé Cambridge Real Estate Chair, BOMA Québec’s Building Energy Challenge, and the new ImmoLab 4.0, Observatory of innovations and valuation in commercial and institutional real estate.

Guest speakers

Prof. Andrée De Serres, LL.L., MBA, Ph.D., Professor, ESG, UQAM

Prof. Andrée De Serres, LL.L., MBA, Ph.D., Professor, ESG, UQAM

Andrée De Serres has been the Ivanhoé Cambridge Real Estate Chair since 2011 and is a professor at ESG UQAM (School of management). Trained as a lawyer, she holds a PhD in administration with a specialization in technology management and finance. She is the head of ESG UQAM’s Observatory of innovations and valuation in commercial and institutional real estate. From 2008 to 2015, she was a guest lecturer at Université Paris Dauphine and several other French universities. Andrée De Serres received Crew Mtl’s Award of Excellence in 2014 and the Prix Performance Réseau ESG in 2003.

Mr Stéphan Gagnon, Eng., CEM, RCx, LEED GA, Coordinator of energy efficiency support services, Transition énergétique Québec

At TEQ since 2013, Stéphan Gagnon is an engineer, LEED Green Associate, certified energy manager, and accredited agent for the overhaul of buildings’ mechanical systems. He was in charge of drafting the commercial and institutional building’s part of the Plan directeur en transition, innovation et efficacité énergétiques du Québec 2018-2023. He has written several technical manuals, including the Guide de conception d’un bâtiment performant, Comment calculer la valeur d’une rénovation écoénergétique complète and Comment implanter la gestion de l’énergie dans les immeubles. He has also designed and implemented large energy efficiency projects when he worked in real-estate operations and consulting engineering.

Start-up et écoles invitées

Aligo valorise les résultats de la recherche universitaire de ses partenaires institutionnels qui couvrent l’ensemble des secteurs de l’innovation. Aligo fournit à ses partenaires académiques et leurs entités affiliées les ressources financières et humaines afin d'accélérer et faciliter la commercialisation de technologies à fort potentiel.

Solergy Systems, se spécialise dans les applications "hors-réseau" des systèmes d’énergie solaire. À partir de la conception, la distribution et jusqu’à l’installation. Ils favorisent l’accessibilité à l’électricité dans les milieux ruraux ou isolés du monde.

Professeurs du département de Génie électrique de l’ETS


Simon Khaled, ing. LEED Green Associate

Graduated from École Polytechnique de Montréal in Industrial Engineering, Simon Khaled began his career in the industrial sector at L'Oréal Canada as a project manager. In 2007, he joined the Master Group in technical inside sales, then became a sales engineer for consulting firms. In 2012, Simon is promoted to Director of Ventilation Products for the Eastern Canada Market Development. In 2014 he changed his domain to join Ecosystem, general contractors and consulting engineering in energy efficiency, where he developed his relationships with property owners. Today, he has been back to the Master Group since 2016, in the business development position in ventilation, consulting engineering and property owners. He is now Past President of the ASHRAE Montreal Chapter and is responsible for ASHRAE Research Canada. Conclusively, he sits on the young professionals' committee at BOMA Québec for 4 years.


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