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01 December 2020

Discussion Group - The future of work according to business succession

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Tuesday 01 December 2020,
at 08h00



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The world of work is not at its first upheaval, but the events of the last few months definitely encourage an awareness of the way of life considered normal as well as reflections on our collective future. Although the economic health of our society is an issue of paramount importance for the future, we believe that this is an ideal time to reflect further on the factors to be considered for the professional and personal development of workers.

This special moment in our history presents an opportunity to question the values we want to put at the center of our community. Although it can often be difficult to conceive of it, many benefits and improvements in our quality of life can emerge from the reality of the last few months: this is what distinguishes one resilient society from another.

It is with this in mind that we bring together our members, from different backgrounds and in various fields, to collectively reflect on the future of work and, at the same time, the future of our society.

Participate in this exchange and help us make your voice heard!

  • When you look at the future of work, how do you imagine your life as a post-pandemic worker?
  • What do you miss most about the old way of working? Which reality do you absolutely not want to go back to?
  • Are there any measures that might encourage you to return to work full-time in person?
  • What is your ideal for the future of work? How do you want to work? (Work organization, values, schedule, work-life balance, etc.).
  • Since last September, do you feel that you are more or less productive compared to your previous work life?
  • What can employers do to fuel your motivation and commitment?

On December 1st, we will use these questions as a starting point to imagine what our daily lives will be like in a post-pandemic context. With this valuable information from our discussions, the JCCM will be able to represent the interests of the young business community in decision-making circles. Economic recovery must imperatively include all stakeholders in society and we intend to promote the relevant opinion shared by young people.

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