In order to receive a loan from the Fonds YUL / 375 idées, your application will go through a selection process made up of several steps:


1. Request for a loan from the Fonds YUL / 375 idées

To begin, you must complete the Fonds YUL / 375 idées loan request application on the JCCM website and submit your project.

Attention! Make sure that you comply with all of the eligibility requirements of the Fonds YUL / 375 idées before you submit your loan request. Only one application is allowed per project.

2. Approval Process

Once the form has been completed, your file will be analyzed by a selection committee composed of representatives of the various partners.

Your project should be unique and innovative in addition to meeting all of the selection criteria.

If your project is selected by the committee you will become admissible to the Fonds YUL / 375 idées.

3. Participative Fundraising Campaign

Access to a loan is conditional on the success (100%) of your participative fundraising campaign on La Ruche.

Since January 1, 2017, have you already successfully completed your participative fundraising campaign? If so, then you are already eligible to receive a $7,500 loan pending the selection of your project from our committee.

4. Receiving the loan

Candidates having signed the loan contract will have access to the following:

  • A $7,500 loan, to be paid back within two years, with a capital repayment holiday for the first 6 months, and an interest rate of 2%;
  • Support offered by the PME MTL network for the two years of the loan to help you during the start-up phase of your business;
  • 1-year membership to the JCCM to help you develop your network and skills.

5. Reimbursement

  • Once the loan has been granted, you are responsible for:
  • Respecting the conditions of reimbursement as stipulated in the contract with PME MTL;
  • Providing unaudited financial statements at the 12th and 24th month following the pay-out of the loan.

All questions may be sent to