Develop, represent, and promote the next generation of business professionals

2021-2024 Strategic Plan

The JCCM has adopted a strategic plan, updated by the General Management Team and the Board of Directors. Every year, the JCCM reviews its strategic issues and orientations in order to achieve its objectives.

The mission of the organization is to develop, represent and promote Montreal’s next generation of young professionals. Moreover, the JCCM communities of interest are as follows:

  • Climate resilience
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Sustainable economic development
  • Attraction, training and retention of talent
  • Well being at work

These priorities are the constant guiding principles of projects under development, regular activities, position statements and the organization’s initiatives.

To foster innovation and optimization in the JCCM, we continuously organize “calls for proposals”. A “proposal” may be an idea, a project, an approach or a suggested improvement for a current program or activity in order to diversify or optimize the offer of services, activities and training programs for members.

Meanwhile, we hold regular brainstorm sessions with members of the Executive Committee and members who are actively involved with the JCCM.

Following the receipt of proposals, a committee reviews them and if the evaluation is conclusive, a pilot project will be implemented in order to include these new initiatives in the regular schedule of the JCCM in the near future.

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Our sustainable development policy!

The JCCM, under the leadership of the General Management Team and the Board of Directors, recently adopted a new sustainable development policy. By agreeing with the definition of “sustainable development” laid down in Quebec’s Sustainable Development Act, the JCCM is committed to:

  • Manage its activities within a context of sustainability;
  • Raise awareness among young professionals and give them the tools they need;
  • Position young professionals as key players in sustainable development;
  • Be involved in the community and with youth.

For all policy details, please consult this document (in French only).

Date: april 2018