Develop, represent, and promote the next generation of business professionals

Team Members

General Management

Habi Gerba

President and Spokesperson

Marie-Krystine Longpré

JCCM General Manager

Victor Sanchez Lopez

Deputy General Manager

Alyssa Boily Simard

Communications & Marketing Manager

William Coquet

Member Services and Events Manager

Cécile Martin

Public Affairs, Content and Programming Principal Manager

Marguerite Rose

Partnerships and Events Manager

Nathan Treton

Digital & Performance Strategist

Montreal Climate Partnership

Camille-Charlotte Gilbert-Lapointe

Coordination Montreal Climate Partnership, Business Work Group

Nathalie Ouellet

Coordination Montreal Climate Partnership, Business Work Group

For any question regarding business partnerships, please contact Marguerite Rose at

For media or public affairs solicitations, please contact Cécile Martin at

For further information or for any other question, please contact us at 1 514 845-4951 or

Management Committee

Composed of volunteer members, the Management Committee collaborates with the General Management Team to organize all of JCCM's activities and to formulate strategic policy recommendations.

Seynabou Ba

Co-directrice Développement de compétences et programmation

Genève Boulianne-Grenier

Camille Francoeur-Marquis

Marc Antoine Guérard

Chargé De Projet Affaires Publiques

Stéphanie Roberge

Director of Strategy

Azélie Pouliot

Directrice Contenu créatif

Laurence Poulin

Co-directrice Affaires publiques

Vicki Valiquette

Training Program Co-director

Sybile Yao

Director of Networking