LOJIQ’s Upcoming International Missions

Developed by LOJIQ alone or with the collaboration of various partners, international missions consist of internships abroad, summer university, conferences, trade missions, etc., for which participants are recruited.

Whether for an internship or to work abroad, LOJIQ solicits applications from individuals interested in taking part in an international project.

A candidate may apply to several offers if a period of 10 working days separates the registration deadlines.

Last updated: July 2018

Entrepreneurs et professionnels créatifs du domaine numérique, participez au KIKK Festival 2019!

Destination: Namur, Belgique
Date limite de candidatures: 16.09.2019

Du 30 octobre au 3 novembre 2019

Entrepreneurs in financial technology, take part in the trade mission to the Singapore FinTech Festival

Destination: Singapore, Singapore

Registration Deadline: September 27th, 2018

From 3rd to 7th September 2018