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 "If only I had a contact..."

We don't always realize what a difference a network can make. Until you say to yourself: "If only I had a contact, right here, right now."

You may have said it to yourself when :

  • You feel your career is stagnating or plateauing
  • You're looking for customers, employees or investors
  • You find yourself alone behind your screen with no recognition in your field

We don't always realize the difference a network can make.

Developing my network

But there's more to networking than collecting business cards.

A network isn't built on business cards or LinkedIn invitations that are quickly forgotten. It's built by creating real connections with people who :

  • Come from all walks of life
  • Share the same values as you
  • Remember you when an opportunity arises

And when the day comes, they'll be there to give you the means to achieve your ambitions. Often without having to "sell" yourself or do any research.

Developing my network

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"With the JCCM, I achieved my goals more quickly."

When I arrived in Montreal, I was told, "You're a newcomer. You should lower your ambitions". But with the JCCM, I was surrounded by people who pulled me up. And I achieved my goals more quickly. I've been able to publish in La Presse, participate in activities that give me access to inspiring leaders and develop my network. And not just any network. A network that suits me. With people who share my values, whether in equity, diversity and inclusion, or sustainable entrepreneurship.

Seynabou Ba

Seynabou Ba

Export Advisor, Europe - Africa - Middle East, Investissement Québec

Becoming a member of the JCCM means networking.

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Thanks to our networking platform, which gives you access to our directory (almost as extensive as the Yellow Pages), to forums and to video meetings, we can offer you a wide range of services.

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In person

During happy hours with a glass of wine in one hand and your cell phone in the other to immortalize your new encounters in cult venues like the SAT or the MBAM.

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In a group

By integrating programs that bring together entrepreneurs, professionals or administrators.

You’ll gain access to many other opportunities.

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For inspiration on topics such as eco-responsibility and benevolent leadership

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Intimate discussions with today’s leaders and visionaries.



To be accompanied and advised by a mentor according to your needs.

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To learn more about the art of networking, business strategy or well-being at work.

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To become a volunteer or board member.

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To be among the winners of our provincial ARISTA competition

* You must be between the ages of 18 and 40.

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Possibility of a JCCM Lunch&Learn for your employees



Join the world's largest network of young business people!


Access to online networking platform (24/7)


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Exclusive access to "Conversations with...".


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Publish an article on the JCCM website


Exclusive discounts and privileges from JCCM partners


Benefit from micro-credit Fonds YUL/375 idées for entrepreneurs


Recognition on our website as a corporate partner


0$150$500$Small business package (2 to 9 employees)
2500$Small to medium business package (10 to 249 employees)
5000$Big business package (250+ employees)

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Change comes through you.

The members of the JCCM network have diverse backgrounds. That's what makes it so rich.

But there's one thing they all have in common. The will to change things.

And not just for their career or their company, but for society in general.

Like you, our members want to see change for the climate, for the inclusion of marginalized people and for well-being at work.

Developing my network

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"I've met people from all walks of life, with no pretensions."

I had some misgivings before joining the JCCM. I was afraid it would be an elitist or closed group. But instead, I met unpretentious people from different backgrounds. I felt represented by the JCCM, even more than by other organizations. The JCCM allowed me to expand my network and get involved in issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion. And their membership is very varied. We always find several activities that interest us, so we get a return on our investment.

Adil a LAM

Adil Alam

Account Manager, Customer Relations - Inmind Technologies


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