The mission of the Junior Chamber of commerce of Montreal (JCCM) is to develop, represent and promote the next generation of business leaders. Constantly on the move, it is a collective that brings together people from diverse backgrounds who wish to act and reflect together towards a common goal. Founded in 1931, it now boasts nearly 1,500 members, aged 18 to 40, including 150 volunteers, making it the largest junior chamber in the world. Thanks to a multitude of events organized each year, the JCCM is a key venue for the development of Montreal's next generation of business leaders. What's more, the JCCM relies on invaluable funding from the Quebec government, as well as the support of five major partners who have the next generation at heart: Bell, CN, Energir and the City of Montreal.

More than
150 volunteers
More than
80 events
90 years of history
More than
1500 members

Develop, represent and promote the next generation of business leaders.


Propel Montreal's next generation of business leaders to help build a progressive, inclusive and economically sustainable society.


Collaboration, commitment, inclusion and leadership

Study on the needs and aspirations of the next generation of business leaders

The JCCM, in collaboration with the Ville de Montréal and the firm Léger, conducted an extensive study in the spring of 2021 to identify the needs and aspirations of young business people. In light of the results of a survey completed by over 500 people, and the holding of a focus group and concertation table with experts from various backgrounds, the JCCM is calling on the various decision-makers to consider these key recommendations:

  • Ensure a green, inclusive and socially equitable economic transformation;
  • Strengthen neighborhood life and living environments;
  • Focus on local services and meeting places;
  • Ensure fair and equitable access to rental housing and control the real estate boom;
  • Integrate environmental performance into criteria for access to business financing.<

To consult the detailed results of the 2021 study, download the report here.

Infographic of the 2021 study

The collective

Eddy Dureuil
Co-founder of Solution Ecotime
Céline Juppeau
Founder of Kotmo
Nathon Kong
Founder, artistic and concept designer La Maison Nathon Kong
Sybile Yao
Head of Events and Sponsorships at BNP Paribas

Board of Directors

Mélissa Fortin
President of the Board of Directors
Léonidas Assogba
Senior Advisor - Evolution of Desjardins' financial crime initiatives
Geoffrey Bernard
Vice-President, Marketing, Data & Consumer Knowledge, La Presse
Anne-Marie Brien
Director & Lawyer at Gowling WLG
Michelle Camara
Advisor, Diversity and Inclusion at Davis
Geneviève Chartrand
Director, Public Affairs and Government Relations, CCMM
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The General Management

Marie-Krystine Longpré
JCCM General Manager
Sarah Kemerer
Assistant General Manager
Elsa Barrué
Events and Partnerships Advisor
Alyssa Boily Simard
Communications & Marketing Advisor
Anabelle Dagenais
Project Manager, Content and Programming
Cécile Martin
Senior Advisor, Public Affairs, Content and Programming
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Volunteer Management Committee

Christophe Aura
Co-director, Public Affairs Committee
Claire Bardin
Co-director, Programming and Content Committee
Nicolas Carrara
Co-director, Strategy Committee
Pearl Coutépéroumal
Director, Member Experience and Commitment Committee
Monia Hocine
Co-Director, Events Committee
Gabrielle Landry
Co-director, Creative Marketing Committee
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Ancien.ne.s président.e.s et porte-parole de la JCCM

Habi Gerba
Déborah Cherenfant
Selena Lu
Nicolas Duvernois
Gabriel Bran Lopez
Ryan Hillier
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A bit of history...

The JCCM was founded on October 28, 1931 on the initiative of a group of students from HEC Montréal and a few young business people. Several key figures have shaped its history since its creation more than 90 years ago, from Maurice Trudeau to Daniel Johnson and Dominique Anglade. The pioneering JCCM was the first Junior Chamber to open its doors to women in 1956, and today boasts a membership as rich as it is diverse.

The JCCM Foundation

Created to ensure the long-term survival of the JCCM, the Foundation carries out special projects designed to promote its objectives and meet extraordinary needs.

It is managed independently by a dedicated board.

More than
80 volunteers

To ensure the long-term future of the JCCM.


Ensures the realization of special projects.


The foundation is independently managed by a dedicated board.


Jean-Philippe Parent
Chairman of the Foundation's Board of Directors
Amélie T. Gouin
Secretary of the JCCM Foundation
Philippe Carpentier
Alexandre Doire
Jean-Michel Marcotte
Caroline Ménard
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The YUL Fund / 375 ideas

The YUL / 375 Ideas Fund is an initiative of the Jeune Chambre de commerce de Montréal (JCCM), in partnership with Aéroports de Montréal (YUL) and the Conseil des gouverneurs du 375e anniversaire de Montréal.

The aim of the project is to raise the profile of young entrepreneurs in Montreal and financially encourage them in their projects, ultimately aiming to increase the metropolis' entrepreneurial index.

The JCCM hopes to support at least 375 innovatives Montreal entrepreneurs by the city's 400th anniversary, through the granting of microcredits of $7,500 per project.

More than
20 projects funded
More than
150,000$ donated
Existe depuis
Made for
impact entrepreneurs
Submit my application

The YUL/375 Ideas Fund provides funding of $7,500 per project.

Attractive rates

The loan is offered at an attractive interest rate of 2.95%. Interest and capital repayment free for the first 6 months.


The YUL/375 Ideas Fund loan is repayable in 2 years, i‧e. 18 monthly instalments following the repayment vacation.

Funded projects

Lara Emond
Iris + Arlo
Raphaël Desmaisons
FIER. - Les Caleçons
Soifiya Hassani
Les Soins de Menea
Michaël Cardinal
SENS Éveil responsable
David Tall
Léa Audet
Choco de Léa
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The JCCM Circle

The richness of the JCCM network no longer needs to be proven! For more than 90 years, the organization has been able to count on allies of choice to support it. The JCCM Circle, made up of renowned figures from the Montreal business world, supports and advises the General Management and the Board of Directors in its work and strategic orientations.

More than
50 circle members
Join the Circle

Circle members support and advise the General Management and the Board of Directors in their work and strategic orientations.

Give back

Armed with a wealth of experience, JCCM Circle members give back to the business community through various projects, such as mentoring and networking.

Reach out

Circle members enjoy the JCCM+ benefits and have access to all JCCM activities.

Circle Members

Geneviève Tanguay
JCCM Circle President
Louis Caron
Vice-President Sales - Quebec, Bell Business Markets
Daniel Charron
Vice-président, Engagement sociétal et affaires publiques chez Fondaction
Richard Dancause
Advisor, Governance and Strategy, Consultant
Karine Eid
Chef, Services bancaires aux entreprises, Est du Canada chez BMO Groupe financier
Nancy Goudreau
Directrice Générale et Cheffe de la Direction Financement Durable chez Desjardins
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Become a partner of the next generation of business leaders

Imagine if you had access to 1,600 young professionals who share the same values as you.

Collaborate with the JCCM

The eyes of the next generation can be on you.

Is your company the first to come to mind when they're looking for their "next challenge"?

It may seem like a tall order, but it's more attainable than you think.

Provided :

📌 being where the next generation is;

🔍 knowing their interests and concerns;

💯 embody their values and the change they want to see.

And that's what we're offering you by becoming a partner of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal.


The JCCM gives you more than just visibility.

It gives you access to the next generation.

When you become a partner of the JCCM, you benefit from visibility in our communication channels.

But to maintain privileged contact with the next generation, that's not enough.

That's why we also give you access to :

📆 our programming and content to which you can contribute to make yourself known at networking events, training sessions and webinars

🎫 a membership with numerous benefits to help retain your salaried‧e‧s from 18 to 40 years of age

🎉 80 activities on average per year to exchange directly with members of the world's largest Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Access the next generation of business leaders


“What's surprising about the JCCM is its scope. Its network and its activities. ”

"BMO has been a partner of the JCCM for over 20 years. It's a natural fit! As a forward-looking bank, young people are a priority for us. And the partnership allows us to be part of the conversation with the next generation of business leaders and to connect with the community. What's surprising about the JCCM is its scope. Its network and its activities. In fact, the JCCM is the largest Junior Chamber of Commerce in the world. And it's evolving with the world today, whether in terms of inclusion or the sustainable economy."

Karine Eid
Karine Eid

Chef, Services bancaires aux entreprises, Région Est, BMO Groupe Financier

Contribute to another world of business.

The next generation of business leaders no longer wants "business as usual".

They want change. Real change.

And they believe that everyone must play their part. Including employers.

Each JCCM partner could become involved in one of the 5 priorities to which its financial contribution will be devoted:

  1. Climate resilience
  2. Diversity, equity and inclusion
  3. Entrepreneurship and sustainable economic development
  4. Talent attraction, training and retention
  5. Well-being in the workplace

Because becoming a partner of the JCCM also means defending an issue that is close to your heart.

Be part of the change
Nearly 1,600

members from 20 sectors

80 activities

on average per year

More than 70 corporate

corporate, institutional and media partners

Join the JCCM's partners

Our partnerships are different. Often financial. And sometimes in the form of an exchange of services. But all our partners share the same goal.

Joining the next generation to change the world of business.

Become a JCCM partner


“The cost of not getting involved with the JCCM would be very high.”

The majority of our team is 26 years old on average. It would be hard to tell our young employees that we support them if we weren't investing in the #1 network where we should be. Investing in the next generation of business people means investing in the future of our society, but also in the future of our companies. We need young people to challenge the status quo in order to move forward. And that's what we want young people to do, both at Deloitte and in society in general.

Maude Martin
Maude Martin

Senior Marketing Manager, Deloitte

Get in touch with us!

To find out more about our business partnership opportunities, contact Sabrina Remadna, Senior Development and Partnership Advisor: sremadna@jccm.org or fill in the form on this page.

Contact the JCCM


“The JCCM gives us a voice and allows us to make a difference.”

At Brio, we too have our own "business succession". Thanks to our partnership with the JCCM, our team can get involved, network and grow professionally. But the JCCM doesn't just have an individual impact on each member of the business succession. It also has a collective impact. It's a platform that gives us a voice and enables us to make a difference. The JCCM gives us a real place as partners. As equals.

Ciro Jaen Paniza
Ciro Jaen Paniza

Directeur Marketing et Développement des Affaires, Brio | Boutique de Management

The JCCM's 5 priorities The JCCM's 5 priorities
Our actions

Attraction, training and retention of talent

Attraction, training and retention of talent

Our actions

Entrepreneurship and sustainable economic development

Entrepreneurship and sustainable economic development

Our actions

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Climate resilience

In addition to sustainable development, the JCCM focuses on resilience as an environmental theme. Climate resilience is the ability of a company or an individual to take account of climate risks and opportunities in order to bounce back and adapt its practices in the face of disruption.

Attraction, training and retention of talent

Given the labor shortage, attracting and integrating foreign talent (from the rest of Quebec and abroad) into the Montreal business ecosystem is a priority issue for organizations in the metropolis (greater flexibility regarding immigration, recognition of prior learning, continuing education, etc.). The issue of professional requalification/career reorientation is also topical for our members.

Entrepreneurship and sustainable economic development

Entrepreneurship refers to the action of undertaking, of bringing a project to fruition. Often used in the business sector, the term entrepreneur means to create an (economic) activity to achieve a goal, meet a need. The creator is the entrepreneur, the person behind the project. The JCCM focuses on the impact of entrepreneurship, to encourage the start-up, takeover and expansion of companies whose objective is to resolve societal and environmental issues at the heart of their business model (e.g. health, education, environment, etc.). Sustainable economic development is obviously at the heart of our mission. But what's the point of creating prosperity if it's not sustainable? The JCCM is committed to managing its activities with a view to sustainability, and to raising awareness and equipping the next generation of business leaders.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

These three concepts are now essential for the next generation. To properly represent its audience and accomplish its mission, the JCCM must stand up for these issues. Diversity and inclusion ensure that everyone is represented within a group, while equity ensures that all members have the same opportunities within the group.

Well-being at work

Issues such as mental health, work-life balance and the workplace (telecommuting) are very important. Challenges in these areas have been exacerbated by the pandemic, and the JCCM is looking to offer a new range of services to its members.





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