A new hub for climate transition in businesses!

Caroline Gosselin

Partenariat Climat Montréal

Responsable des événements et du rayonnement

Montreal, December 8, 2022 – The Montreal Climate Partnership (MCP) is pleased to announce, on the occasion of its second anniversary, the establishment of a climate hub that will provide businesses and organizations with support for their climate and ecological transition. The climate hub will be created to bring together and simplify access to the available range of services, whether it's assistance in measuring greenhouse gas emissions, financing programs, or innovative solutions.

After a year of consultation and co-creation, the members of the Business Working Group, one of MCP's thematic initiatives, coordinated by the Montreal Chamber of Commerce (MCC), identified numerous needs to be addressed to accelerate the carbon neutrality of Montreal's business community. They envisioned a collective initiative combining various solutions to increase climate action. This group, composed of representatives from various economic sectors, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), industrial clusters, and chambers of commerce, identified the primary need as improved access to support for companies on their path to carbon neutrality, hence the development of this climate hub.

An initiative currently in development at Écotech Québec, the clean technology cluster, will adequately address the needs identified by the Business Working Group. This original concept, fully endorsed by MCP and its members, aims to engage Quebec businesses, especially SMEs, to facilitate and expedite their transition to action, actively contributing to transforming our economy to be greener and more prosperous.

More concretely, the initiative involves the development of a dynamic digital platform and concierge service that will streamline the journey for companies looking to reduce their climate and environmental footprint while enhancing their competitiveness. It will be developed in consultation with various stakeholders in the ecosystem already involved in guiding businesses toward environmental transition.

This initiative complements ongoing efforts in other MCP thematic initiatives such as mobility, buildings, and climate change adaptation. These initiatives aim to implement transformative projects to accelerate climate action on the ground.

Since its inception in December 2020, MCP has been working to mobilize key players in the economic, institutional, community, and governmental sectors to foster innovative collaborations in Montreal and propel concrete projects to combat climate change. This climate hub is a tangible result of these co-creation efforts.

"Since its inception, the Montreal Climate Partnership recognizes the essential role of businesses in the climate transition of the metropolis and is actively working to develop collective tools to facilitate and amplify their transition to action. I am delighted that the leadership and collaboration of organizations in the Business Working Group have led to such a comprehensive and structuring project as the climate hub, which will address the many identified needs on the ground, as Montreal businesses seek to do more for the transition." – Mélanie Le Berre, Executive Director, Montreal Climate Partnership

"We aim to provide a dynamic and interactive platform for businesses to support them in their initiatives. To our knowledge, this initiative is a first in Canada as it will integrate innovative solutions from Quebec's clean technology ecosystem. We will contribute to showcasing Quebec's climate knowledge and expertise." – Denis Leclerc, President and CEO, Écotech Québec

"We are thrilled to present the culmination of the efforts of the Business Working Group. The inauguration of this hub is a source of pride for the entire group, and we hope it will become an essential tool for all entrepreneurs in Montreal and Quebec." – Marie-Krystine Longpré, Executive Director, Young Chamber of Commerce of Montreal, and Member of the Steering Committee, Montreal Climate Partnership





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