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Nathan Treton

Nathan Treton


Equity, diversity, and inclusion at the heart of the discussions

On April 20th, the Great Montreal Business Youth Meeting (GRRAM) took place. This day, themed around 'Benevolent Leadership,' brought together over 250 participants from various sectors to discuss environmental and societal issues that concern us all.

Designed by and for young business professionals, the GRRAM's program allowed for a fresh perspective on the concept of Benevolent Leadership through the insights of nearly 40 impactful panelists. The event aimed to be environmentally responsible (Thanks, Retournzy!), friendly, and inspiring!

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Equity, diversity, and inclusion are among JCCM's top priorities. Therefore, they were central to this event. How to enhance managerial practices for better inclusion? How to shatter the glass ceiling and diversify leadership roles in companies? These are questions that were addressed by our experts. The talent and knowledge of all participants were put to good use during a large-scale Design Thinking workshop presented by TACT.

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Environmental issues and the next generation

The programming of the day extensively covered environmental issues. Attendees were made aware of the impact of our daily practices on the climate by participating in a Climate Fresco led by Thomas Hannaford, Constantin Kozlow, and Benoit Waeckel. Additionally, the best practices in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) to stay at the forefront of change were reviewed by our four guest experts: Luciano Barin Cruz, Anne-Josée Laquerre, Melie Monnerat, and Valérie Vedrines.

The Noovo debaters among us!

For the first time, the debaters from Noovo were among us to discuss issues related to the next generation of business professionals. Constructive, inspiring, and divergent exchanges livened up this afternoon at GRRAM. Attendees were also invited to engage in debates with the guests on stage.

An inspiring pitch competition.

The dynamic and dedicated performances of the twelve finalists greatly impressed the competition's jury. In total, four winners stood out in each of these four categories: Sustainable Economic Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Talent Attraction, Training and Retention, and Workplace Well-being.

JCCM would like to once again thank all the winners, finalists, and the jury for their participation. It was a pleasure to discover their projects, and we wish them all the best for the future!

The 2023 winners:

  1. Juno Technologies, led by Nanette Sene, who developed a compact, discreet, and portable device that quickly alleviates menstrual pain for lasting relief.
  2. Kiima, led by Samuel Lemire Dupont, who developed a natural, plastic-free, and locally sourced refillable deodorant applicator.
  3. Ecoplast Inc., led by Benoît Pepin, which designs and manufactures high-quality houses using recycled plastic bottles.
  4. Soins Naturels My Royalty, led by Schamma Rosidor, who developed a brand of natural hair products for Black women.

The jury also awarded the Proaction Favorite:

NeuroMelly Inc., led by Melly Moore, dedicated to creating an inclusive community for neurodivergent individuals by raising awareness and providing information about neurodiversity, as well as developing a variety of products and services to help them navigate daily life.





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